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It's fast, easy and secure!

We have many positions available with more added everyday. Come down between 5:30 and 6:00 am weekdays and 6:30 am on Saturdays with steel toed boots and join our growing team. It's rewarding and we pay daily.

Checking In
All work tickets that are pre-assigned or repeat work require a ONE HOUR CHECK IN which can be done by PHONE or IN PERSON at our office. If you do not check in at least one hour before YOU WILL BE REPLACED.

Work Tickets
You will be given a Work Ticket for each job. In order to get paid for your work you must have the work ticket filled out and signed by the site supervisor. If you do not have your ticket or lose it, it will mean a delay in your pay.

Getting Paid
You are paid at the end of each shift. You must return to our office during regular business hours in order to obtain your cheque. All stat cheques will be issued the Friday on the week after the holiday.

Safety First
We work with many skilled people and follow WCB regulations to ensure safety is held to the utmost. We strive for a target of 100% Accident Free work hour placements.

Graveyard Shift
Graveyard shifts are 12:00am - 6:00am. Anyone working between these hours will be paid $1.00/hr more for hours worked.

If you require transportation to the job site, you may be advanced up to $5.00 for bus fare, and in another worker vehicle a $5.00 gas card will be issued (for return trip).

If you quit or walk off a site before the work is finished, Rhino Labour reserves the right to hold your cheque for up to 7 days. This is to ensure we deliver excellent customer services without compromise.

We provide the following safety equipment. You are responsible for returning it after each shift and equipment that is not returned will be deducted from pay at the current costs.

Hard Hats and Gloves are SOLD only. No exceptions. We will deduct the cost of these off your cheque.

1. Hard Hat ($11.00)
2. Gloves ($4.00)
3. Boots ($36.00)
4. Hammer ($20.00)
5. Hammer Hook ($7.00)
6. Safety Glasses ($4.00)
7. Vest ($15.00)
8. Respirator ($20.00)
9. Pucks ($11.00)